(Concept 24 dec 2016 c. W.E.R. Davies) Analog Vocoder Info history:

1997 start Vocoder webpage; 21 sep 98 : phoneme (computalker CT-1, micro-speech) and EMS: 22 channel Vocoder Manual; 3 nov 98 : speech recognition (Heuristics, Speechlab - the first hobbyist vocal interface); 9 jan 99 : "talking" IC's (digitalker, Texas Instruments TMS6100); 2 mar 99 : text to speech articles (Type'n'Talk speech, Votrax Personal Speech System); 5 may 99 : magic voice manual (CBM64), Talking Terminals (Byte sep 82), J.A. Moorer (IRCAM); 5 aug 99 : recent publications in magazines (pc magazine and keyboard mag.); 3 sep 99 : add a voice to your computer for $35, Steve Ciarcia, June 1978 Byte; 16 nov 99 : speech synths for Vic20, Zx81, Apple, Atari and ETI Vocoder info; 16 jan 2000 : time has come to talk by Wirt Atmar, Pet/Cbm, 6800 computers, Vic20/Cbm 64 upd; 3 apr 2000 : article Give an Ear to Your Computer by Bill Georgiou, Byte june 1978; 1 july 2000 : Votrax interface for the SYM-1; Operator's manual for the TNT; VSM201 Sennheiser in German; Link to Robotprojects; sep 2000: Url Tellus Tone, Computers and Liguistics, Minspeak; jan 2001: Sprachgen. UAA1003 (ChipWissen oct1980), principles sp.recogn. unit. (ECM oct1983), Wordmaker (EMM june 1981); apr 2001: Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Microvox speechsynthesiser (hardware and software); jul 2001: new navigating system, new items like sampling, interfacing and algorithmic composers, link SAM oct 2001: Speak & Spell, Roland CMU-800, MFB-201, Oberheim DPX-1, Midi Sample Dump, Music Mouse; feb 2002: ADPCM Intelligible Speech Synthesis by Steve Ciarcia (Byte June 1983), Roland MPU-101, Sample Swapping by Peter Gotcher, DR.T. SAC (stochastic software) and EMS RVG, Links: Doepfer RND-S/H, ARP S/H, WoggleBug Circuit (hardware), Vocoders: Link to Elektor and Doepfer vocoder systems; 27 okt 2002: Simple Speech, Audio Processing, Paia, Editors, ALF Apple, DEC/Yamaha, Fairlight, Vic20, Soundboard II, Computer bits jun 2002: JMS CGX Midi2CV interface and Sampling Spec Wars by P.Gotcher;

The best articles, reviews and specs related electronic speech, published on my "Analog Vocoder Info" website during 1997 till 2002.



A compilation of hardware devices like vocoders, phoneme and intergrated circuit based systems, text to speech and speech synthesisers. Sources were amongst other magazines  like Byte, Popular Electronics, Dr. Dobb, Electronics & Computing Monthly.



Vocoders: Sennheiser, Moog, EMS, Korg, Roland.

Computer Synthesis: CMI Fairlight, Vic20, Paia.

Integrated Circuit synth: Wordmaker, Digi Talker.

Interfaces: Doepfer, Roland, Jellinghaus.

Phoneme based: Computalker, Votrax.

Sampling: Oberheim Dpx-1 and Prommer.

Speech recognition: Big Ears, Speech Lab.

Speech synthesiser: Sym 6502, Altair Imsai, ZX 81

Text to Speech: Microvox, Intex Talker.


My equipment 1975-1985

Setup CBM64 with the Votrax Type & Talk speechsynthesiser.

Equipment a.o. Oberheim DPX-1 sample player (floppy disks), EMS Vocoder 2000, Oberheim E-Prommer